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Other Blogs Related To Iraqi Dinar

You can read several other blogs in addition to the Dinar Recaps for a better understanding of the Iraqi Dinar, its valuation, and current news. Here are some of them:

Iraqi Dinar Blog

The Iraqi Dinar Blog is an excellent source of news, information, and facts about the Iraqi Dinar revaluation, Iraqi economy, and politics. It is a very interactive blog that posts articles regularly and provides a wealth of information. Hundreds of followers contribute comments to various articles on the blog. You could learn a great deal about investments, banking, finance, and the Iraqi Dinar from this blog.

Dinar Detectives

It provides free services to its followers, mostly from Iraq. Every day they keep up to date with what’s going on around the world and also offer free investment advice to anyone who needs it. They provide dinar TNT and dinar recaps on the Dinar Detectives Blog, as well as the latest news and rumors.


Dinar Guru RV

Check out the Iraqi Dinar RV blog to keep up with the latest news, rumors, and speculations about the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation. They offer you free investment advice and even have a section called “Dinar Vets,” where users ask and answer questions about the Iraqi Dinar. The Dinar Guru RV blog has been around for a while, and they provide some valuable information.

Dinar Daily

Dinar Daily is a complete package. They provide the latest news and articles about the Iraqi Dinar and the nation. The site offers daily market updates, investment ideas, and banking advice. Additionally, there is a section for questions and discussions, where users can ask and answer each other’s questions. Subscribing to their email newsletter allows you to receive daily updates from gurus directly in your inbox.

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