The Dinar Recaps Blog brings you the best dinar rumors and stories from every major dinar forum. Navigating the blog is simple and fast. Dinar Recaps has a section where they ask questions from time to time, and readers respond by sharing their own opinion. It is an interactive section where everyone learns from one another.


The Dinar Recap Team thoroughly reviews each answer to ensure that it is suitable for public consumption. The Dinar Recaps blog is regularly updated by a team of bloggers who republish articles from various financial experts. 

Dinar Recaps officials have been investing in dinars for between 13 and 16 years. In addition to participating in Dinar forums, they have known and followed some of the “Dinar Gurus” for several years. Before starting Dinar Recaps, Neno’s, and Dinaraholics, Dinarstars and Big Bird were moderators at two Dinar forums. Iraqi Dinar Recaps has provided conference call bridges to the Dinar community in the past for calls from a variety of websites and phone numbers.


They created Dinar Recaps so that they could share with others their addiction to Dinar news and rumors as soon as possible. Dinar Recaps has its own email lists, phone chains, and private chat room for when there is good news about Dinar Detectives or news that we would like to share. Having people in the Dinar Community who are willing to share all the information is very helpful.

The Dinar Recaps Blogs cover the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and the global reset. A large portion of the information DinarRecaps.com provides comes from various dinar gurus and dinar detectives who post in forums and hold regular conference calls. These gurus rarely have someone to transcribe their conference calls in their entirety, so dedicated people post excerpts and recaps of their calls.